[Mimedefang] Filtering help - Novell Groupwise

Rajesh Bhandari BhandaR at mail.nlm.nih.gov
Wed Jul 30 15:05:01 EDT 2003

>I have MD and SA setup and they are working perfectly. I am currently 
>tagging spam like this:
> - snip -
>So my question is has anybody on this list managed to filter messages 
>from MD & SA in the groupwoze client based on tags in the header?  IF 
>you did, how did you set it up?  I don't use groupwoze myself, so I 
>can't be of much help to the end users. (I keep telling them to get a 
>real mail client, but management has told me to stop saying that ;) )
>My alternative is to start tagging the subject lines, but I really don't 
>want to go there.

We are a GroupWise shop, and use subject tagging.  The users like it.  We have configured it to do SPAM:**** where the number of asterisks represents the number of hits.  The users like the visual cue. They can sort their mail by subject, select everything over say 10 *s, and delete.  We also use the Subject contains rule to move spam to folders depending on the number of *s.  Using 'contains' means configuring say 10 *s catches everything above 10 *'s as well.  Works well for us.

There seems to be no way in GroupWise 6.0 and below to do tagging on SMTP headers.  Don't know about the new version 6.5.


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