[Mimedefang] order of processes

Dana Holland dana.holland at navarrocollege.edu
Wed Jul 30 12:07:00 EDT 2003

In viewing the logs, I wasn't sure if the items in my access.db were 
actually being rejected.  It could be that I'm just not reading the logs 

Thanks for the answer.  I'm going to play around with it a little more 
to see if I can get a better feel for how it's all working together.

Stefano McGhee wrote:

> Dana,
> 	Sendmail allows MD, which utilizes SA, to listen in on the SMTP
> conversation.  It's almost simultaneous.  However, Sendmail's access DB
> file has precedence in the case of rejecting mail.  Certainly before SA
> even gets its paws on it.  Access usually is consulted  at the conversation
> inset, HELO, MAIL FROM, RCPT TO.  That stuff.  SA runs after the DATA phase
> because it needs the actual message to process.
> Hopefully that's not way off.  Why do you ask?
> Cheers,
> Stefano
>>fine, but I'm curious about the order in which processes are run.  It 
>>appears that the anti-spam software is processing before the 
>>table that I've created.  Is this correct?
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