[Mimedefang] Mimedefang/Spamassassin/MySQL Web Interface

Bill Maidment bill.maidment at elgas.com.au
Mon Jul 28 22:26:01 EDT 2003

Daniel Kasak wrote:

> While this sounds like a good idea, it also invades Roaring Penguin's 
> market for CanIt ( which we are currently using under a 30-day trial ).
> I assume that since Mimedefang and Spamassassin are both released as 
> open source, then there is no legal barrier to you producing a web 
> interface to configure the 2, but I think it would be a great pitty if 
> in doing so you 'stole' some of Roaring Penguin's customers.
> This issue no doubt makes it very hard for companies to release some 
> of their work as open source and still attract customers. I'd rather 
> see the determined few who can handle setting up Mimedefand and 
> Spamassassin do it the free way, and others who don't have the time or 
> do have the resources, to pay for the commercial version and support 
> those who support everyone else. At least that was my line of thinking 
> in recommending that we trial CanIt ( which by the way management are 
> pretty impressed with - hopefully they'll approve the purchase ).
> Sorry to put a dampener on your idea. It is a great idea - except for 
> the above.
> What do others think?
Well, we bought CanIt, but we're still using the free version as it 
seems more advanced. We might switch over later, if it's already got a 
GUI/MySQL front end to it, I just have to get the time to look at it 
properly ;-)

Bill Maidment

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