[Mimedefang] usage query

Edmund cc at belfordhk.com
Thu Jul 24 21:39:01 EDT 2003

Stefano McGhee wrote:

> Cc,
> 	It seems some people are working on per user statistics for MD, but
> the standard answer, AFAIK, is that they are not really supported.  You can
> tag the email with a header that has ***** in them.  Then the user can
> configure their MUA to look in the headers and handle the mail
> appropriately.  The user can decide their own threshold for spam, but can't
> really whitelist or blacklist anyone.  SpamAssassin does support user

Hi Stefano,

It would be nice to have user preferences supported, but so far I'm
thankful that Mozilla does have some spam capabilities.   But with
MD installed, if I were to install a virus scanner, it'd be easier
rather than trying to tackle 'em both.

Thanks for the information!


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