[Mimedefang] Problem: Filter did not create RESULTS file

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Thu Jul 24 09:04:01 EDT 2003

> On Solaris under a larger load, there appears to be a problem with using
> fopen and likely running out of streams (max 20 per process?).

> Other than this problem, MD 2.33/SA/uvscan has been working well for us in
> currently handling around 120,000 incoming messages per day and spam
> tagging 30,000 of those.  An additional 60,000 messages a day are
> rejected upfront by DNSBLs.  Thanks David!

For what it's worth: we've had just over 200,000 a day per host and
have not noticed this happen-- meaning I never looked for it but
suspect I would have noticed it if it happened much, in the course
of checking syslog for various reasons.  That was Solaris 8 and
Mimedefang 2.32, at that time.  (We're handling much less now
during summer session.)

I wonder what's different.

Joseph Brennan         Columbia University in the City of New York
Academic Technologies Group                   brennan at columbia.edu

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