[Mimedefang] More problem with timeouts

Rob MacGregor rob_macgregor at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 24 05:05:01 EDT 2003

>From: worldoff9908 at address.com
>I posted this question a few weeks ago, but didn't really get a response 
>after I when I made a typo in the version of sendmail I said I was running.
>I'm still having difficulties, and still don't have any clue as to why I'm 
>having problems. I checked the recent threads discussing timeout issues, 
>and haven't found anything that quite fits my situation. I'm not running 
>syslog. I've also seen the suggestion to run MD with the -k switch, but 
>can't find where to actually specify that -- in any case, I don't know if 
>that relates to my problem or not.
>My current software setup is:
>- RedHat 7.2 - Sendmail 8.12.9 (installed from source RPM) - MIMEDefang 

That's rather old, worth trying a more current version.

>- SpamAssassin 2.55 - RAV 8.4.3
>RAV is being run as a milter called by sendmail, and not being launched 
>from MIMEDefang. I'm also making use of several DNS blacklist calls, but 
>these are also being called from sendmail, rather than through MIMEDefang.
>My difficulties with timeouts started happening about a month ago, when I 
>upgraded RAV from version 8.3 to 8.4. The problems have been intermittent, 
>although we had a big burst of them about 10 days ago (while I was out of 

That would suggest that RAV is the problem. Have you tried calling RAV from 
MD directly and not using a separate milter?

>Relevant log entries:
> > Jul 23 04:08:08 alpha sendmail[8725]: NOQUEUE: connect from bravo 
>[] > Jul 23 04:08:10 alpha sendmail[8725]: h6N488gg008725: 
>Milter (RAVMilter): init success to negotiate > Jul 23 04:08:10 alpha 
>sendmail[8725]: h6N488gg008725: Milter
>(mimedefang): init success to negotiate > Jul 23 04:08:10 alpha 
>sendmail[8725]: h6N488gg008725: Milter: connect to filters > Jul 23 
>04:08:13 alpha sendmail[8725]: h6N488gg008725: from=, size=3690, class=0, 
>nrcpts=1, msgid=<1219288092 at spamtronics.com>, proto=SMTP, daemon=MTA, 
>relay=bravo [] > Jul 23 04:08:26 alpha sendmail[8725]: 
>h6N488gg008725: Milter add: header: X-RAVMilter-Version: 8.4.3(snapshot 
>20030212) (alpha) > Jul 23 04:09:26 alpha sendmail[8725]: h6N488gg008725: 
>Milter (mimedefang):
>timeout before data read

Well, over a minute has elapsed between the MD milter being called and RAV 
ending it's run. I would say that that is your problem. Try increasing the 
timout, or switch the order in which you define the milters in sendmail.mc.

Now, IMO unless that's a large email a minute is a long virus scan.  I use 
amavis for my virus scanning and have both Sophos Sweep AND F-Prot called 
from it.  Even then it only took a minute to unpack and scan a 2.5 MB zip 
that held 162 files totalling 18 MB.

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