[Mimedefang] Pulling my hair out

Tim Pushor timp at crossthread.com
Tue Jul 22 00:58:00 EDT 2003


Thanks for the advice. This helped get me a little further. For some 
reason, HTML::Parser did not install properly. I scripted the install 
of  Mimedefang and its various dependancies, and didn't check the output 
of the script carefully enough.

The funny thing is that when I added the -k switch and ran mimedefang.pl 
manually, I get the following ouput in my system log:

Jul 21 21:36:31 calgw mimedefang.pl[4602]: h6M3Wc3W004565: Attempt to 
call append_to_html_part, but HTML::Parser Perl module not installed

Any idea why I don't see these types of messages when I don't run 
mimedefang.pl interactively?

So now, when I send a test message with a forbidden attachment (still 
using the -k switch and running mimedefang.pl interactively) I get the 
expected result (at least in syslog - the message is not delivered, but 
I expect that the binary mimedefang does this):

Jul 21 21:38:32 calgw mimedefang.pl[4874]: 
MDLOG,h6M3Wc3W004565,bad_filename,testexe.exe,application/x-msdownload,<timp at xxx1.com>,<timp at xxx2.com> 

But when I remove the -k switch from mimedefang and try, I am still 
getting the 'Please try again later' message, with nothing else logged.

any ideas?

BTW Thanks a lot for your reply - its given me another troubleshooting 
angle.. MimeDefang seems pretty good, but it should be easier to 


Mitch at 0Bits.COM wrote:

> Hi,
> Look in the archives for my thread
>     MIMEDefang timeouts (again)
> David's idea of using the -k flag to mimedefang so it keeps
> the failed directory and message around helped me enormously.
> You could then run mimedefang.pl on the message manually to
> see why it is timing out and use the unix tools (strace/truss)
> to check out where the timeouts were.
> In my case it ended up being a downreved/mismatched Unix:Syslog
> perl module, and i was not getting syslog messages except from
> the mimedefang binary itself (like you probably).
> Mitch
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