[Mimedefang] feature request, or am i missing something?

Matthew Hall leareth at angui.sh
Tue Jul 22 00:07:00 EDT 2003

You have a 'message_rejected()' test function for certain
other fuctions being called (_tempfail _bounce _discard),
but I don't see an equivalent 'message_accepted()' - I have
a few tests of things that if they pass I don't want to do
anything else, and I think it would be elegant to add to some
of my more intensive functions

"return if message_accepted();"

and skip a load of processing. I can do this myself with a
few global variables and what not, I just thought maybe
there should be equivalent "action_accept_entire_message"
that trips a flag that message_accepted() will check. I
don't see anything resembling this in the mdf-filter man
page, so unless I'm blatantly missing something, this is
my humble feature request. Hmm, the current 'accept'
functions seem to deal with parts and not the whole message
in filter, and not filter_end/filter_begin where I would be
doing a few of these initial checks.

This is with MD 2.34 I believe (yeah yeah, I'll upgrade


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