[Mimedefang] Recommended AV for Mimedefang ?

Stefano McGhee SMcGhee at ARCweb.com
Mon Jul 21 08:56:01 EDT 2003

	If you search the threads on this issue, you'll find that there are
lots of recommendations.  I think a great deal of people use ClamAV.  It's
seems to be quite flexible and is one of the *MANY* AV products that MD
supports.  I'm believe it is also free.  I personally use McAffee and am
satisfied with it, although there is a licensing fee.  I use McAffee
because we already license their product for our other servers and
	Some people start out using File::Scan, but it usually gets
replaced because it's not as thorough as other agents are.
	To add a twist, some industrious users even use two or more
different scanners to more definitively insure a virus free experience.
How you choose to go forward is entirely up to you.



> What is Recommended Antivirus scanner for mimedefang ?? " 
> McAfee uvscan or
> ClamAV or something esle

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