[Mimedefang] resend_message

Matthew Hall leareth at angui.sh
Mon Jul 21 01:16:01 EDT 2003

Quick question - I'm doing message scanning and rejecting
based on high spamassassin scores (real high ones). Now,
if instead of quarantining the message, I just want to
send it on to a separate email address/pop box - it looks
like I can use resend_message. However, if soon after this
I drop the message and quarantine it, will the resend_message
still happen? IE - I don't want it going to the intended
recipient, I want it rejected and a copy sent to the pop

So if my code is something like:

   md_log('rejected', $hits, $RelayAddr);
   action_bounce("Not welcome here - rejected.");

Will that work as intended?

Better ways to do what I'm trying to do?

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