[Mimedefang] Was mimedefang.sock, now UVSCAN.

Matthew Hall leareth at angui.sh
Wed Jul 16 21:04:01 EDT 2003

> First thing I do on all new Redhat 9 installs is to disable the default
> UTF-8 locale in /etc/sysconfig/i18n. UTF-8 implicates only problems as far
> as I see. Not only perl fails with a UTF-8 locale but many other processes
> slows down immense etc. (see bugzilla for that).
> Second thing I did for uvscan was to install compat-libstdc++-7.3-2.96.118

I have that rpm.

I'll try the UTF-8 locale setting. What did you set it to? (IE, what
does yours currently look like?

> Does your uvscan on Redhar 9 fail on every scanned file or just on specific?

It just launches and hangs. I didn't look into it too much. Maybe
I'll truss it this time around.

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