[Mimedefang] Question about modifying headers in filter_end

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Tue Jul 15 20:39:01 EDT 2003

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> I have been directed to implement functionality where by a certain list
> of people are not allowed to receive internet email.  In fact it should
> look as is if the message was never sent to them at all.
>  [...]
> Lastly, (thanks for bearing with me and my long post) the
> action_notify_sender("bogus\@micron.com was not allow to receive this
> message.\n"); call never generates a response to the sender to let them
> know that bogus was not allowed to receive the message.  Is there
> something else that must be called to complete the notification process?

By the time you have gotten to filter_end(), you can no longer notify the
sender that the message was undeliverable to SOME recipients.  At that
point all you can do is fail it for ALL or NONE.

A better place to control access to individual mailboxes is with the
filter_recipient() function [read the manpage for mimedefang-filter,
there are some gotchas].  This lets you notify the sender, on a per-
recipient basis, who can and cannot accept the mail message.

As far as modifying the actual message To: and Cc: lines, is this really
needed?  The only place where it would have an actual effect is if someone
"inside" were to reply-all to the original message ... the mail client will
the To: and Cc: headers to determine who to reply-all to.

Chris Myers
Networks By Design

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