[Mimedefang] MySQL connection per slave

Chris Masters rotis23 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 14 06:34:00 EDT 2003

Thanks Jason,

that almost worked, but I had to call filter_init
within mimedefang.pl (which I really didn't want to
have to change).

I added:

    if (defined(&filter_init)) {

just before the 'Infinite server loop' in the main
function. These are the only three lines that have
been added/changed. The database handle and connection
and disconnection code remain in mimedefang_filter.

I have used filter_cleanup to close the connection.

Now this does not address error conditions such as
disconnecting if the slave dies (make sure that
connections don't remain open) or how to re-connect if
the connection is lost during the slave lifecycle.


--- Jason Englander <jason at englanders.cc> wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Chris Masters wrote:
> > I need to ammend the mimedefang code to maintain a
> > database connection per slave.
> One way would be to add a filter_init() subroutine
> to your filter
> (anywhere you like but outside of any other subs)
> like this:
> filter_init () {
>   # Code to maintain a database connection per slave
> }
> Then right above this part of your filter (all the
> way at the bottom):
> # DO NOT delete the next line, or Perl will
> complain.
> 1;
> Add this:
> filter_init();
> And if you need to clean up things when the slave
> goes away, read about
> filter_cleanup() in the mimedefang-filter man page.
>   Jason
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