[Mimedefang] Error configuring mimedefang

Jason Gurtz jason at jasongurtz.com
Fri Jul 11 20:55:00 EDT 2003

On 7/11/2003 7:33 PM, Xiaoyan Ma wrote:

> If I were to build sendmail from source, have no concerns of matching with 
> other databases, which version of BerkeleyDB should work better with 
> Sendmail+MD+SA ?  I read from somewhere that 3.3 is the latest stable 
> version.  Is this true?

So far no problem w/ db-4.1.25.  It's lightly loaded (but does process
LKML everyday ;)  At work I have it using db-3.3.11 for safety.  That
machine see's a moderate load.

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