[Mimedefang] is there a "threshold" with spamassassin

Kelson Vibber kelson at speed.net
Fri Jul 11 12:57:01 EDT 2003

"Keith Dowell" <keith at rogersmfg.com> wrote:
>sometimes i get mail through that has scored higher that the required hits
>from spamassassin but the file doesnt get modified - this only seems to
>happen when the score is only about 1 higher than required - would this be a
>setting from spamassassin or is there some sort of threshold variable in
>mimedafang that can be adjusted to say "look if it met the required hits
>then dump the dang thing"

The threshold is defined in your SpamAssassin config. Check to see if you 
are using > or >= in your filter.

Kelson Vibber
SpeedGate Communications <www.speed.net>  

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