[Mimedefang] Error configuring mimedefang

Albert E. Whale, CISSP aewhale at ABS-CompTech.com
Thu Jul 10 19:49:01 EDT 2003

Sydney Weidman wrote:

>checking for libsm.a... no
>checking for sendmail... /usr/sbin/sendmail
>checking for rm... /bin/rm
>checking whether libmilter must be linked with libsm... yes
>configure: error: Problem: we need to link with libsm.a, but I can't
>find it.
>Red Hat Linux 7.3
>Sendmail 8.11.6 from updated rpm
>The redhat package doesn't seem to include libsm.a, nor does the
>sendmail-devel package. Is my only option to compile sendmail from
>Thanks in advance for your help.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you RUN (not walk) to www.sendmail.org and 
Download the latest source code for Sendmail (8.12.9).  MANY Issues have 
been resolved in sendmail since version 8.11.6.  You need the latest 
version to be more current, and Secure.

Is it your ONLY Option, NO.  But it IS the BEST Option I can recommend.

Albert E. Whale, CISSP
ABS Computer Technology, Inc. - ESM, Computer & Networking Specialists
Sr. Security, Network, and Systems Consultant
Founding Board of Directors of Pittsburgh FBI - InfraGard

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