[Mimedefang] $SALocalTestsOnly and the sample filter

Albert E. Whale, CISSP aewhale at ABS-CompTech.com
Thu Jul 10 19:31:01 EDT 2003

David F. Skoll wrote:

>I've discovered a slight bug in the sample filter.  If you call
>spam_assassin_init from your filter, outside any subroutine, then
>$SALocalTestsOnly is *NOT* initialized to the default of 1, and network
>tests will be done.
>I recommend putting an explicit:
>	$SALocalTestsOnly = 1;  # I do NOT want network tests
>	$SALocalTestsOnly = 0;  # I DO want network tests
>(depending on whether or not you want network tests) before calling
>spam_assassin_init in your filter.
>The next release of mimedefang.pl will initialize $SALocalTestsOnly before
>loading the filter.
Have we sung the Praises of David often enough?

Thank you David!  Thank you for all you do for us, even though you do 
not desire MD to have a significant awareness of SA, you still bring 
about a Great Product and USEFUL Patches for the SA Tools.

Thank you for your support.

My next request to anyone capable, is to have the called SpamAssissin 
application pick up the User Prefs (whether it's from a Flat file or the 

Any contributors out there?

Albert E. Whale, CISSP
ABS Computer Technology, Inc. - ESM, Computer & Networking Specialists
Sr. Security, Network, and Systems Consultant
Founding Board of Directors of Pittsburgh FBI - InfraGard

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