[Mimedefang] maillog

gcoon at inch.com gcoon at inch.com
Thu Jul 10 18:17:01 EDT 2003

On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Stefano McGhee wrote:

> Hey G,
>     I usually get chatter like that after I've gone in and changed something
> in the sa-mimedefang.cf file.  I added a test of my own or made some mistake
> somewhere in there that sets it off.  Have you made any changes in there
> recently?

2 Whitelist entries for *@domain.com, 1 blacklist entry for testing, and
s/0/1/ or s/^#// are the only changes I've made to that config file. None
are recent, but I didn't look to see how far back it's been screaming
about that.

I commented out quite a bit of the mimedefang config file though. I
basically just wanted mimedefang to check spamassassin and tag a header.
One of my customers would get quite upset if they got reports of viruses
when all they signed on for was header opinions from spamassassin.


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