[Mimedefang] HI!! User Problem

Mitch at 0Bits.COM Mitch at 0Bits.COM
Thu Jul 10 06:08:33 EDT 2003

Hi Alexander,

No problem, this is what Mailing list are for - i.e. constructive
critisims and putting forward different interpretations and ideas.

I don't put spammer addresses in my access.db since (as i stated earlier)
this is always the wrong thing to do (and also since my email address has
been used by spammers to spam other people so i have seen direct
evidence that this method of spam defence is a bad idea).

However since it exists *and* also SA has this feature (in the
'blacklist_from' option) then i guess some people must use it.

In my opinion content filtering is always the better thing to do, but
since my interpretation of the question was to filter out spams based on
the From address, then that was the answer i posted.

Anyhow, he has several options and opinions to pursue.


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Subject: RE: [Mimedefang] HI!! User Problem
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 10:50:26 +0200
From: Alexander Dalloz <alexander.dalloz at uni-bielefeld.de>
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> No i wasn't kidding. The original poster (see below) asked
> 	but i have any questions, in the features
> 	says that i can filter by user-name, and i
> 	have tried to filter in this way and i don't
> 	know how, anyone have any tips for that?
> I did indicate that fighting spam using the "From" line
> is NOT a good idea, but if he wanted to do it, it is trivial
> with sendmail.
> And where exactly did he say he wanted a "user" based
> configuration with MD ? The original post is below.
> Mitch

Mitch, he said "i can filter by user-name" so I thought he ment user
controlled. Maybe misunderstanding. But as he asks in the mimedefang
mailinglist we can presume he asks for a solution with mimedefang and no
general sendmail configuration. Do you enter any mail address a spammer
into your sendmail's access map? Much work I expect and typicly what a
dynamic spam fighting solution shall avoid.
I didn't want to blame you Mitch, I just wondered about your reply.


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