[Mimedefang] HI!! User Problem

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at uni-bielefeld.de
Thu Jul 10 04:14:01 EDT 2003


> You should be just able to do that by using sendmail's
> standard anti-spam rules.
> See the section "Access Database"

although i'm not sure denying email by username is a
good thing since 100% of all spam has forged From: lines
in my experience. You'll need the appropriate features in
your m4 .mc file before you can use it.


Your kidding Mitch, don't you? It can't be your serious suggestion while
running mimedefang with spamassassin. Sendmail's access db is for general
tasks an no good instrument for fighting SPAM from changing and often faked

The original poster asked for a user based configuration with mimedefang
like using spamassassin via user configuration files. Despite that, how
should a user edit the access.db?


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