[Mimedefang] Revisiting the bombardment of 451 Tempfailing errors

Justin Shore listuser at numbnuts.net
Wed Jul 9 00:50:01 EDT 2003

On Tue, 8 Jul 2003, alan premselaar wrote:

> On 7/8/03 10:17 PM, "Justin Shore" <listuser at numbnuts.net> wrote:
> ...snip...
> > 
> > # Lets SA run its DNSBLs and Razor stuff, I think
> > #$SALocalTestsOnly = 0;
> why don't you set $SALocalTestsOnly = 1; to be sure that it's not defaulting
> to 0.
> so, if it's not set to 1 (and probably if it's not defined) it'll try to run
> the network tests. by setting this variable to 1 you're saying "ONLY run the
> local tests, no network tests please, thanks"
> that could be causing your problems right there if it's trying to do a bunch
> of network lookups and having problems with it for whatever reason.
> hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply.  That is of course a possibility.  Of course the 
default mimedefang-filter doesn't defang SALocalTestsOnly at all to the 
best of my knowledge.  This is something that the admin must define to 
enable those tests.  It is of course possible that something just broke 
and MD is running razor tests anyways.  Anything's possible. :)  One way I 
could test this theory is to add another DNSBL test back to the 
sa-mimedefang.cf and see if DNS queries for that BL are being made (while 
leaving SALocalTestsOnly commented out.  If the query is made then 
something is broken.  If the query isn't made then I'd explicitly disable 
SALocalTestsOnly and see what happens.  I'm out of town at the moment and 
I don't want to make the change from here and go to bed.  I'll wait until 
I have some time to kill from here so I can monitor it.  Thanks for the 
idea though.  I'll try it soon.


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