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Phil Eschallier phil at BuxTech.Com
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I'm jumping in on this thread, excuse me.

1. If you are a Spammer, you deserve no such courtesy!
2. If your mail is blocked because of virus issues, a notification is likely
in order.
3. If your legitimate mail is blocked as Spam, filtering has to be fine

Remember, the vast majority of mail blocked by SA is complete crap.  Much
this crap is from invalid or forged e-mail addresses.  What value is there
in sending notices out non-existent or forged addresses?  And if you anger
folks with your misdirected notifications, you'll just be spending your time
digging your own mail server(s) out of the various blackhole databases.

... Phil


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 Thanks for your explanation, Lucas! =)
 Hum.. do you have another good explanation to this
question? Because now I have to try to convince my
boss to not give a notification to the sender.. 

 Just for curiosity: don't you think it's necessary to
notify the sender that he email was blocked? For
example, if I send an email to my friend and the MD/SA
blocked my message, I think that the notification is
necessary for me, isn't it?


--- Lucas Albers wrote:

> The notification could be sent to a forged email
> address.
> The act of blocking the mail will give the real
> sender notification that
> the block has occurred.
> You could send to a mailing list for example, so now
> you've just spammed
> 500 people with a irrelevant message.
> In Summary:
> It's a bad idea, and pisses people off.
> See point 2, it's redundant.
> I think almost everyone on this list has mimedefang
> configured to not send
> notification.

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