[Mimedefang] Spam to the list admin

Justin Shore listuser at numbnuts.net
Mon Jul 7 22:01:02 EDT 2003

On Fri, 4 Jul 2003, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:

> On Fri, 4 Jul 2003, David F. Skoll wrote:
> > The worst offenders don't actually bounce the messages, but they have
> > filters that generate another message and send it to the list admin
> > (me).
> I've got a rant about bad auto responders at
>   http://www.goldmark.org/netrants/auto-resp/

You want to talk about auto-responders do you.  Well I'm sick to death of 
them.  One of my spamtrap domains is being joe jobbed like you wouldn't 
believe.  All mail without a valid recipient on that box is dropped into a 
catchall account which reports the spam to Razor and Pyzor as well as 
munges user/domain information and forwards on to the FTC and NANAS.  I 
noticed one day that my procmail script was posting bounces to NANAS.  I 
tried to eliminate it with the ^FROM_DAEMON regex.  Unfortunately that 
caught most of the spam as well as the bounces.  Not good.  I then tried 
FROM_MAILER.  Unfortunately that too did the same thing.  I got to looking 
at these bounces and the vast majority of them are exactly what David 
describes.  A brand spanking new message addressed to the From (don't get 
me started on that) usually quoting some or all of the spam and a form 
letter about how spam is bad.  Grr...  If I ever meet an auto-responder 
programmer in a dark alley...


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