[Mimedefang] MySQL/SA and mimedefang

Mike Smith mike at ftl.com
Thu Jul 3 18:44:00 EDT 2003

Lucas Albers said:
> I realized thusly:
> Users dont' want to configure their filters.
> Users don't configure their filters.
> Most spam is obviously spam.
> I don't want to muck around on something that is used for production.
> I can use off the shelf software components....

 I concur with most of what you said. The main request I'm getting is to allow a
means for them to add/delete whitelists/blacklists. Not so much blacklists, but
whitelists to account for the false positives. I think the global thresholds are
fine. I too reject at mimedefang anything over 10. Anything over 5 is flagged as
SPAM and sent into the SPAM sub-folder.

 I'll come up with something. Maybe just a better plugin to manage the .procmailrc
and the user_prefs file.

 Thanks for all the feedback

 - Mike

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