[Mimedefang] MySQL/SA and mimedefang

Mike Smith mike at ftl.com
Thu Jul 3 17:12:01 EDT 2003

David F. Skoll said:
> One option is to run SA from mimedefang globally and add special headers
> that a procmail script can act on.

 Right. We are already doing that. However the drawback to this is you can't do per
user whitelists/blacklists/required_hits/etc. I am including 2 headers that can be
keyed off of. One is X-Spam-Status : YES|NO and the other is X-Spam-Score (*****).

 Basically this is to work into my web mail(Squirrelmail) setup. I'm not very
pleased with the setup of managing per user Spam Assassin configs via procmail and
the spamassassin plugin. Since I'm already scanning the mail with SA via
MIMEDefang, I see no sense in calling spamassasin again from procmail to rescan the
mail with the user prefs. It is horribly inefficient.

 So I'm looking into an alternate,more efficient way to handle the configs. Which I
would think would be at the MIMEDefang level. Be it a read from a SA config file
(~user/.spamassassin/user_prefs) or from a MySQL database where you'd store the
same info.

> We will hold our code back for CanIt.  Of course, we can't stop other people
> from implementing DB code and publishing it.

 True....Maybe I'll start banging away. There are lot's of examples out there to
start from.

 Thanks for the info. If anyone else has already done this, please speak up so I
don't have to go re-invent the wheel :)

 - Mike

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