[Mimedefang] MySQL/SA and mimedefang

Mike Smith mike at ftl.com
Thu Jul 3 16:19:09 EDT 2003

 I've been doing a lot of searching on the subject of Mysql/Spamassassin and most of
the response were "refer to stream_by_recipient" or it is expensive to do a db
connection for each mail.

 First questions is, would it be better to do database call to pull down things like
whitelists,blacklists, etc and work it into mimedefang. Or would it be better to
call spamassassin from say procmail and have it do it on a per user basis via the
-p flag? Seems kinda silly to run SA again after mimedefang has already kicked it

 Are there any plans to maybe put hooks for databases in mimedefang-multiplexor or
by some other means? Or is that held back for CanIT ? :)


 - Mike

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