[Mimedefang] sendmail-mimedefang-spamassassin

Paul freebsd at pksnet.com
Thu Jul 3 11:38:01 EDT 2003

>> And since I'm using mimedefang I won't be needing spamd, correct? 

Make sure to comment out the lines for spamd(0 in mimedefang-filter. I did an install of MD/SA and clamav just now and MD complained it could not find clamd.
Which is correct as it was not running. Only when I commented out the lines it 
found clamav and worked correctly.

Maybe it is an idea that the clamd() and clamav() lines could be swapped around in mimedefang-filter? This would solve the above issue. But then it would create a problem for those preferring clamd over clamav. 

Hmmm, now the list server is rejecting my mail because it wwon't allow relaying. And the mail comes from a box on my local private (192.168.1.x) network, but it has a valid name. Wonder what is new in sendmail 8.12.9 to cause this... 

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