[Mimedefang] not dropping attachments

Keith Dowell keith at rogersmfg.com
Wed Jul 2 13:49:01 EDT 2003

of course not - why would i read the manual ;)

but this still makes no logical sense to me - if i'm quaratining the
message - why the hell would I still send it to the recipitent and just add
a warning - to me quarantine means umm well - quarantine - not lets make a
copy and send it anyway - see if you do action_quarantine you cant easily as
outlined in the faqs UN-quarantine - so yes i ASSUMED that
quarantine_entire_message would have the same effect quarantine, yet allow
me to easily unquarantine it - now just let me know why my thought process
on this is wrong

i want to save the message and send a warning to recipient with the
attachment removed, but can resend locally to the recipient unaltered if its
something they were expecting and maybe i need to look again but i thought
that action_quarantine_entire_message was the right choice

not that big a problem though - i think im gonna go to just bouncing the
messages and dropping all spammassassin marked messages anyway


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> On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Keith Dowell wrote:
> > I changed the code to action_quarantine_entire_message instead of
> > action_quarantine in
> I see.
> And did you read about action_quarantine_entire_message in the
> mimedefang-filter man page?

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