[Mimedefang] odd filename

Lucas Albers admin at cs.montana.edu
Wed Jul 2 13:21:01 EDT 2003

Could you post the complete modifications you've made to check for bad

> Interesting example below.  This familiar virusmail gets past
> Mimedefang's usual $bad_exts check as in the suggested minimum
> filter.  In fact I have a specific test to toss these things out
> quickly without further analysis, that should have caught this
> as it does hundreds of others a day:
>     if (filter_bad_filename($entity)) {
>         if ($type =~ /audio/) {
>             md_log('bad_filename', $fname, $type);
>             return action_bounce("Bad audio attachment");
>         }
>     }
MSU Computer Science Montana State University

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