[Mimedefang] Configure uvscan to scan inside a zip file.

Lucas Albers admin at cs.montana.edu
Wed Jul 2 12:54:01 EDT 2003

> I'm a member of the clam antivirus signature "team", and I also have
> a few ISP clients.  I see so many viruses, signatures, e-mails with
> infected attachments, and such every day that I can't even remember what
> the deal was, but I think that client's MD filter was catching the Sobig.E
> attachments before the signature was added.  They have a very long,
> complicated MD filter...
> Running uvscan at the commandline against a Sobig.E sample that I have
> does this:
Jason Englander,

Thanks for the info on configuring mimedefang to see NAI. Works.
I remember someone posting directions on configuring mimedefang to scan
using both clamav and NAI.  We get a lot of virus's where I work, and so I
was thinking of doubling my detection chance by scanning with two virus

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