[Mimedefang] Looking for some example code...

jbird at micron.com jbird at micron.com
Tue Jul 29 11:20:01 EDT 2003

	Does anyone have example code for reading SpamAssassin
configuration (i.e. the stuff normally found in the local.cf file) from
a database (MySql preferably).  I have found lots of information for
doing a similar task with spamd/spamc, but obviously that won't work
with MimeDefang.

	For those that are wondering why, I have multiple/redundant
email servers that need to have the same configuration with possibly
more than one administrator making changes.  To avoid the admins
stepping on each others changes and keep all the servers in sync, I
would like to use web front-ended database.

Thanks for any help/examples you can provide.


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