[Mimedefang] Original Email as attachment

Tielman Koekemoer tielmank at orientsys.co.za
Tue Jul 29 03:21:01 EDT 2003

Hi Everyone

I googled and searched the archives but could not find something to this

I want Mimedefang to attach a SPAM message (identified by SpamAssassin)
to the warning message and forward this to the recipient. This is
SpamAssassin's default behaviour and is ideal for my users who mostly
use Outlook/Virus Express. i.e. They select the message and see in the
preview pane the warning message and then have the option to open the
SPAM email or not.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance


Content and Virus scanned 
 by  Inflex  and  Mcafee

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