[Mimedefang] Sendmail + MD + SA Relaying Question

Trevor Jorgenson trevor at unixforever.net
Thu Jul 10 04:21:01 EDT 2003

This is probably a better question for the sendmail list, however I'm sure 
someone out there must have a similar setup as we have (or has wrestled 
with the same problems I'm having).

I am currently running multiple servers, however due to reasons beyond my 
control I've had to condense our filtering mailserver (sendmail + MD + SA) 
and one of our production mailservers (qmail + vpopmail) temporarily on the 
same server. I've got both qmail and sendmail running bound to a single IP 
each and so far it seems to work great. There are also reasons beyond my 
control which are too long to explain as to why I need to run sendmail & qmail.

We have a handful of domains (20 or so) set up with sendmail+MD as the 
listed MX in DNS. These domains are also configured on other mail servers 
and sendmail references the proper private MX in mailertable. The domains 
are actually pointed to a couple of mailservers, so I can't just set a 
smart relay for the internal. All of the domains work just fine and the 
mail routes how it should --


However, I tried to add the main domain that the machine is a part of today 
as one of the 'filtered' domains. The internal mailserver is 
mail.ourdomain.com and the external is challenger.ourdomain.com. When I add 
ourdomain.com to mailertable with esmtp to mail.ourdomain.com and add it to 
access as a relay (I don't think it actually needs to go in access.db as an 
allowed relay, but I don't think it hurts either), it doesn't work. The 
logs show it as using the  relay of local no matter where I add it.

I'm suspecting the problem has to do with the fact that 
challenger.ourdomain.com is in the same domain as the one I'm trying to 
handle mail for, however I can't seem to get it to recognize that it should 
redeliver the mail via esmtp to mail.ourdomain.com.

Also, one more note about it... the internal mailserver is not listed in 
DNS as a MX, that's why it's in mailertable.

Has anyone else run into this and have any tips on what I can change in 
sendmail to make quit thinking that it's the local MX for the domain? I can 
post my mc, etc if it helps.

Trevor Jorgenson

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