[Mimedefang] Reverse DNS Testing

Lucas Albers admin at cs.montana.edu
Wed Jul 2 13:27:00 EDT 2003

I do reverse dns and dns valid lookup, in my sendmail configuration.
I don't get any false positives.
I get approximatelly 1 complaint in every 25,000 messages.
I guess it depends on your situation!...
MSU Computer Science,Bozeman MT.

>> Has anyone here tried setting up MIMEDefang to enforce reverse DNS
>> entries
>> for the MAIL FROM: domain, and/or the $RelayAddr? Any thoughts on if
>> this
>> causes a lot of legitimate mail to be blocked?
> It would cause a lot of legitimate mail to be blocked.
> But we give 2 points for no rDNS in Spamassassin.
> Joseph Brennan          Columbia University in the City of New York
> postmaster at columbia.edu                 Academic Technologies Group

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