[Mimedefang] Statistics logging: filename error

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Tue Jul 1 08:35:01 EDT 2003

For debugging slow response of our mailserver, I tried to
enable Mimedefang logging using parameters in
/etc/sysconfig/mimedefang (on a Redhat Linux ES2.1 box).
It turns out that the wrong logging file is indicated in

# Set to yes if you want the multiplexor to log stats in /var/log/md-stats

If you look at the init-script you will see that this filename
is used in stead:  /var/log/mimedefang/stats
Also, the directory /var/log/mimedefang must be created manually.

I suggest a correction of the redhat/mimedefang-sysconfig file.

Ole Holm Nielsen
Department of Physics
Technical University of Denmark

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