[Mimedefang] Mail body gets stripped?!

Wimprine, Thomas twimprine at stei.com
Fri Feb 28 12:45:01 EST 2003

Here are the current stats on my space. That fixed the problem for now I
think. I had no free space on /. Now I need to figure out how to free up
some more space and keep it like that. Any suggestions on how to prevent
this in the future? Also I thought my spool dir was /var/spool? 

Thanks a bunch for the help! 

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/ida/c0d0p7       506M  440M   40M  92% /
/dev/ida/c0d0p1        96M   36M   56M  39% /boot
/dev/ida/c0d0p6        19G  2.7G   15G  15% /home
none                  314M     0  313M   0% /dev/shm
/dev/ida/c0d0p2        45G  7.8G   34G  19% /usr
/dev/ida/c0d0p8      1008M  565M  392M  60% /var

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On 02/28/03 at 10:20, 'twas brillig and Wimprine, Thomas scrobe:
> no I even replaced it again with the example filter provided to make sure
> wasn't accidentally screwed up.

	Have you checked to make sure your spool directories have
plenty of writeable space? No weird lock behavior?

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