[Mimedefang] Killing Slave Question

Stefano McGhee SMcGhee at ARCweb.com
Wed Feb 26 11:04:01 EST 2003

	I'm no expert, but here's my thoughts.  There is a SLAVE_USE_CT
variable that determined how often a mimedefang.pl slave can be reused.  MD
spawns MIN_SLAVES when it starts and continues to spawn more as needed up
to MAX_SLAVES.  Slaves are reused whenever possible, rather than creating
more.  However, when a slave has processed SLAVE_USE_CT number of messages,
it gets killed.  Why?  Because Perl leaks.  Repeated use may very well
result in a leaky slave and killing it and replacing it with a new one
assures that the leaks are kept to a minimum.  The line you cite is
generally evidence of a healthy server killing a slave that had done its
count.  Now it gets a gold watch and goes to Florida or Arizona to retire.


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> Would like to know the significance of the following line.
> Killing slave 4  Slave has processed 200 requests
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