QUeue Directory (was Re: [Mimedefang] Bypassing outgoing mail - filter_relay blocking all incomming mail)

Rick Knight rick at rlknight.com
Tue Feb 25 16:59:00 EST 2003

David F. Skoll wrote:

>On Tue, 25 Feb 2003, Rick Knight wrote:
>You must upgrade your Sendmail to version 8.12.

Thanks for all your help. When I installed sendmail-8.12.7 I somehow 
missed a copy of the sendmail executable in /usr/bin. That was throwing 
things off. Now quarantine messages are being sent to 
/var/spool/clientmqueue. Only thing is, my queue-runner is looking at 
/var/spool/mqueue. How can I tell MD to look there instead of 
/var/spool/clientmqueue. I know I can rebuild sendmail.cf with that 
change, but I'm not sure what else that might affect.

Thanks again,
Rick Knight
(rick at rlknight.com)

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