[Mimedefang] Bounce With A Message?

Joshua Bowser sysadmin at greenwood.net
Tue Feb 11 10:03:00 EST 2003

I was thinking with a friend about how you could bounce messages that
are marked as spam with a message to reply for authorization. If the
user replys, it OKs the message, and adds the sender to a whitelist so
they never get bounced again. Anyone know of something that works along
these lines? Was just thinking about this... is my thought pattern ok,
or is there an easier way to do this?

so return bounce_notify (i think that is it?)
action_bounce_notify ()

so that the message is added to the real mail message
to reply
also add a header
so if you see that header return_no_more_filtering

Sound like that might work? Or...? Any other ideas? Thanks guys! =)


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