[Mimedefang] Re: Unsafe file types

mailadm at srar.com mailadm at srar.com
Tue Dec 2 23:18:05 EST 2003

> but overall it's my job to keep the tool working
> for the fairest price possible with pulling my hair
> out.

Yep, me too. I've lost way more hair from pulling it out due to user
problems, than from age/genetics :-)

But to stay on topic, I was given permission by the $BIGBOSS to remove
executables[0] from mail coming into or leaving the building. I actually
started doing it, then showed $BIGBOSS the Way Cool(tm) GraphDefang
charts. As soon as he saw virii being stopped at the mail server, he was
"putty in my hands". Our central Sophos server is now basically dormant.
Where it was formerly reporting 20-40 virus cleansings a day, I've only
seen one in the past month.  That translates to more user productivity,
because when they saw a "Virus Found" message, they did no work until they
could find me[1]. Thank you, MimeDefang crew!

[0] Actually, anything that even resembles an executable file.
[1] They walk about the building looking for me in every department but
mine. Phone call? Hah! I apparently do not know how to use a phone.

Loren K Louthan | AIM: LorenSRAR
Data Communications Engineer - CRIS-Net Regional MLS
"Today, while listening to people complain about the latest Windows(tm)
worm outbreak, I likened Windows(tm) users to people stuck in abusive
relationships:  They get beat up over and over again, but they won't
leave." -- Steve VanDevender in ASR

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