[Mimedefang] Delete virus noticiation messages.

Lucas Albers admin at cs.montana.edu
Thu Dec 11 03:44:52 EST 2003

Delete messages with regex named attachment, which are virus notification
messages I am receiving. (In Spanish.)



 if ($fname =~ m/(^deleted(\d?|#)\.txt$)/i)
        action_notify_administrator("Virus notification message discarded
$type, named $fname was dropped.\n");
        return action_discard;

If anyone has any ideas|code on deleting virus notification message send
em on over, as I'm sick of virus notification, if I'm overlooking stuff in
the archive, then whack me on the side of the head.
(Have not implemented this, yet.)
Now the problem with this code is it will delete any notification messages
you sent to your users with the name deleted.txt, correct?
Kind of late...just working on this because I'm angry at these messages,
but not willing to shoot myself in the foot yet.


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