[Mimedefang] Looking for an example of obfuscated HTML

Cormack, Ken kcormack at acs.roadway.com
Tue Aug 5 16:42:01 EDT 2003

I think you are correct, Nels.  As I remember, it was just a link, given in
a post.  You had to visit the link with your browser, and then "view the
source" of the target web page, to see how convoluted the HTML was.

David, would you happen to know the link of which we speak?


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On 5 Aug 2003 at 15:20, Cormack, Ken wrote:

> Quite a while back, I remember seeing (on this list) a link to an online
> example of really ofuscated HTML, given as an example of the way spam-ish
> text could be burried within a ton of cruft.  I see examples almost daily,
> but was particularly struck by this one example.  If memory serves, the
> did something with tables, and the link was to a page on the MIMEDefang
> website, but I cant seem to find that link either in my emails, or through
> search of the roaringpenguin web site.
> Does this ring a bell with anyone?  Or am I just in need of a nap?

Yeah, that was an example David provided a few months ago.  Can't 
remember if the example was included in his list posting, or if there 
was just a link to an example web page.

Either way, I'm sure glad David's on *our* side rather than the 
spammers. :-)

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