[Mimedefang] .help with getting more information on spam.

Alan Williamson alan at n-ary.com
Thu Apr 24 12:19:01 EDT 2003

||| That won't work.  Put everything in the argument to
||| action_notify_administrator().  The argument to that 
||| function can be a whole
||| long message body; it doesn't have to be a short string.
||| eg:
||| 	$notify = "A message was quarantined because of spam.\n";
||| 	$notify .= "Here's the SA report:\n\n" . $sareport . "\n";
||| 	action_notify_administrator($notify);

David that's great.  However I have changed that ... but I see in the my sub

So the question is ... how do I get the report at this stage?


sub filter_begin () {

    if (spam_assassin_is_spam()) {
        action_add_header("X-Spam-Warning", "SpamAssassin says this is
        action_quarantine_entire_message("SpamAssassin said this was spam");
        # Do NOT allow message to reach recipient(s)
        return action_discard();

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