[Mimedefang] mimedefang and mail traffic logging

Ing. Daniel Manrique roadmr at entropia.com.mx
Thu Apr 17 18:47:01 EDT 2003

I need to keep a copy of all mail messages passing through my sendmail 
server. I tried using sendmail's -X switch but the amount of information 
it generates makes the solution impractical.

I looked a little into mimedefang's capabilities and decided it looked 
interesting; I'd like to have it pass messages unaltered to the original 
recipient, but also to keep a copy of the message, minus attachments not 
of type text/plain (and maybe text/html). This should substantially reduce 
the amount of information I need to keep. Besides, attachments such as 
Word or Excel files, which constitute the bulk of what's giving me 
trouble, aren't important and can just be discarded from my logging.

I managed to come up with a crude mimedefang-filter configuration that 
basically just lets everything through. However, I'm now at a loss as to 
how to assemble a "reduced" version of the message, with attachments 
removed but everything else intact (including headers - this is important 
for me), and storing this in a file (one new file for each message is also 

Any help or insight people here might provide into how to solve my problem 
(including pointing me to something more suited to this than mimedefang) 
will be greatly appreciated.


	- Roadmaster

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