[Mimedefang] Graphdefang SummaryDB --> table layout

wimdw at tiscali.be wimdw at tiscali.be
Wed Apr 16 07:53:00 EDT 2003


First of all : Graphdefang rules. But with a list of +100 domains, it's
kinda impossible to see clear result in graphic charts.
So what I would like to do is take the data from de SummaryDB.db and output
it in a table. One domain per row, and the columns : #mails, # spams, #
viruses, avg. delay, max delay.

Anyone got any hints how to adjust the code, or anyone got a script for
this already ?? I'm not a Perl scripter, so I could really use some help
with this ;)

Thnx in advance,
Wim De Waegeneer

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