[Mimedefang] upgrading

Karel.DeBruyne at ua.ac.be Karel.DeBruyne at ua.ac.be
Mon Apr 14 06:24:01 EDT 2003


I am still running Mimedefang 2.9 and SpamAssassin 2.20.

Yes, I know, these are very outdated, but lack of time caused this.

My sendmail is 8.12.9

Now, recently we are getting a lot of Spam getting though, so I want to
update the SpamAssassin. While doing this, I'd like to update my
MimeDefang too.

Is there an easy way to check my mimedefang-filter for compatibility with
the new MimeDefang ?

What version of SpamAssassin is the best choice ?

Karel De Bruyne
System/Network Manager                      phone      + 32 3 820 22 04
UIA - Network Service                       fax        + 32 71 83 43 00
Universiteitsplein 1 - B0.12                email  dbruyne at uia.ua.ac.be
B 2610 Wilrijk - Belgium              http://www.uia.ua.ac.be/u/dbruyne

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