[Mimedefang] Version confusion ...

Justin Hennessy jhennessy at mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au
Fri Apr 11 01:05:01 EDT 2003


I am trying to figure out what version I am running because when I compare the version to the one on the website it dosn't match.

The OS I am running is RedHat 7.2 and I am having a few issues with MIMEDefang and Sophos and I was wanting to update to a newer version so that I can rule out and MIMEDefang issues (probibly wishful thinking).

Here is the output from the mimedefang usage help:
mimedefang version 2.8
Usage: mimdefang [options]
  -h                -- Print usage info and exit
  -n maxFilters     -- Maximum number of concurrent filters
  -p /path          -- Path to UNIX-domain socket for sendmail communication
  -d                -- Enable debugging (do not remove spool files)
  -m /path          -- Use multiplexor; use /path as UNIX-domain socket
  -f /dir/filter    -- Specify full path of filter program
  -r                -- Do relay check before processing body (requires -m)
  -s                -- Do sender check before processing body (requires -m)

And this is the output from a RPM query:
[root at miletus MIMEDefang]# rpm -qa | grep -i mime

Hope someone can help with this.


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