[Mimedefang] spurious "suspicious characters in body" warnings?

Joseph Brennan brennan at columbia.edu
Fri Apr 4 09:28:01 EST 2003

>     1.  An NULL (ASCII 0x00) character.

A user here reported a message with nulls recently.  Her mail
program (Netscape 7 I think) actually froze up when it got to
it, and a unix program I tested stopped displaying the message at
the first null.  (We are just about to run mimedefang.)

The body was so short that I hope it will be more useful than
annoying  if I include it; see below.  In this screenshot from
emacs, a null is shown as the two characters ^@ .  I don't know
what the purpose of the nulls is but note the word "camouflaged".

Was yours like this?

Joseph Brennan          Columbia University in the City of New York
postmaster at columbia.edu                 Academic Technologies Group

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