[Mimedefang] Still: unknown family 54

Benoit Panizzon panizzon at woody.ch
Fri Apr 4 07:13:01 EST 2003

> > I now found out that I need mimedefang 2.31 for IPv6 support so I
> > but still get that error when I get a connection from an IPv6 Host.
> That error message is from libmilter; did you compile libmilter with
> IPv6 support?

Ok, as I see it libmilter ist compiled with sendmail which has ipv6 support
enabled. I couldn't find a switch to compile libmilter different than
sendmail so I suppose it's a MIMEdefang bug.

Something more I've found out.

Newer sendmail on debian linux report an IPv6 Address with a Tag:
[IPv6:2001:... ]
On a older sendmail on netbsd I see the addresses als [2001:...] (I've not
tryed if mimedefang works there)

Could that IPv6 Tag be the problem?


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