[Mimedefang] [slightly OT] MS Exchange server (was Re: virusnotifications, etc.)

alan premselaar alien at 12inch.com
Thu Apr 3 18:46:02 EST 2003


 Thanks for all the useful tips... I've actually started looking into the
LDAP stuff, but i've got *NO* experience with LDAP and it's a little
confusing.  also, all the LDAP related docs on sendmail that i've found seem
to make the assumption that the machine sendmail is running on is also
acting as the LDAP server.

if you have the time, could you offer any assistance on this (off-list) ?
I *REALLY* want to get this solved, and i'm *REALLY* not happy with exchange
because of it. (heh)

thanks again


On 4/4/03 5:34 AM, "Fox, Randy" <Randy_Fox at csgsystems.com> wrote:

> What you may want to look at is linking your sendmail server to Active
> Directory via LDAP.  We've been using LDAP routing for about 2 1/2 years on
> our central hub and this winter switched to using AD as our LDAP server.  It's
> been working very good.  I then added a filter_recipient filter almost
> straight out of the mimedefang-filter man page and we've been rejecting right
> at the front door.  It's really cut down on the amount of unknown user
> messages without the sloppy method Exchange uses.

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